The Crosby Project










Veterans Advocacy Services is proud to have been asked to become a partner in The Crosby Project, an effort begun by friends, colleagues, and admirers of an extraordinary veteran, Mr. James Crosby.

James is a retired United States Marine paralyzed after a rocket attack in Iraq in 2004.  Though gravely wounded, James viewed the event as primarily a short diversion from a path already decided upon.  He says “I believe that when I took that oath to serve my country it didn’t stop the day that I was retired from the Marine Corps. I’m a marine for the rest of my life and obligated to give back”, and though he is still a very young man, since his service in the Marines he has done much to better the lives of his fellow veteran, even while enduring fifteen post-war surgeries.  He lent his name to and worked to obtain passage of the Crosby-Puller Combat Wounds Combat Wounds Compensation Act, a revision to federal law that provides for sustained rates of pay to veterans struggling to recover from major wounds incurred in service.  He also worked as a Director of Outreach for the SAVE Team (‘Statewide Advocacy for Veterans Empowerment’) based at the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services, helping to facilitate reintegration and access to benefits for veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, and previous conflicts.  Much of his work at D.V.S. involved engaging and counseling veterans struggling with suicidal or otherwise violent impulses and helping them to achieve settled, productive, fulfilling lives. James is now studying business administration at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and The Crosby Project was formed to generate money and material for the construction of a permanent home for him in the metro area, a house that will be designed and built expressly for him, incorporating features to accommodate his physical challenges as well as provide peace and respite for his ongoing recovery and coursework.

Please follow The Crosby Project through regular updates at this site, and help James with a tax-deductible contribution by clicking ‘donate’, above, and adding the denotation ‘Crosby Project’ to your electronic submission or check.  Veterans Advocacy Services thanks you on behalf of James and all of his friends and supporters.