Ink Jam Bike Run to Benefit Veterans Advocacy Services










Event Photography by: Iggy Barskov

Sponsored by Jim Quinn at Ink Jam Tattoo

MC: Amanda Ortiz @ Ink Jam Tattoo

Thank you to Mike Chambers the backbone of this operation.
A special thank you to our distinguished speakers Mr. Kevin Lucey, Vincent & Kevin Brodeur and Victor Ortiz for supporting our veterans.
Thank you to a true American Jim Quinn for sponsoring this event!
Thank you to all of the sponsors and donors for this years event. Your generosity is much appreciated!
Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped out with this event. Couldn’t have done it without you!
Many thanks to the Brian Pettis and Maynard Rod & Gun Club for donating their facility for the fifth year in a row!
Many thanks to Joe Marino and the band for volunteering to play at this event!
Many thanks to Courtney Rainey from Representative Hogan’s office for all her behind the scene help with the event!
Many thanks to Peg Matthews, Victor Ortiz, Paul Bolger, Donna Burns and Amanda Ortiz of the Veterans Advocacy Services for all you do for our Veterans!
Thank you to Boston Harley for providing staging and donations for this run, we could not have done it without you .
Special thank you to Dole and Bailey for your donation of BBQ items.

Most importantly, thanks to all who came and supported this event! You should all feel good in knowing that because you supported this event and the Veterans Advocacy Services, you have made a difference in a Veterans life!!

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