Stephen Leon – US Army

James Crosby – US Marine Corps 

Sean Judge – US Army

Nick Hebert – US Marine Corps

Mike Chambers – Father of a US Marine


Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans

“Veterans Advocacy Services is over the top.   Peggy did my claim and Victor helped me with some other problems; he is right there and understands what I went through in Iraq.  I’ve been home 16 months and finally I found someone who not only can help but does understand.”

“Peggy is a miracle worker.  She was able to pull all the many pieces together.”

“Veterans Advocacy Services actually cares about you.  I fully recommend [them] to other veterans.”

“Victor came to me and spent several hours with me.  He is able to help in every way.  I saw myself in him.   Its great to go to an organization that has a veteran.  He knows the truth.”

“Having Veterans Advocacy Services handle my issues removed every bit of my stress.”

“Peggy made my transition home easier than anyone.  She worked around the clock.”

“Its been incredible.  Without Veterans Advocacy Services I’d still have nothing.  The services you provide are incredible.”

“Any vet I run I refer to Veterans Advocacy Services; I always call them first.  Anything I have needed [Peggy] gets and I still can’t figure out how she does what she does”


Vietnam War Veterans

“If I had never met Peggy I would still be at square one”

“I can’t say enough about her.  I’d do anything for her”

“Peggy is one in a million”

“I started my case by myself nine years ago.  I just started working with Peggy and she has already exceeded expectations”

“People don’t do what she has done for me, a total stranger, without getting something out of it. But Peggy did”

“She never asked me for a cent”

“I thank God every night for Peggy”

“When I met Peggy I had been trying to get compensation for forty years.  In two months I had it”

“She actually dug into the research that other organizations wouldn’t do”

“Been trying since 1984 . . . until my wife met Peggy.  And since then things have just taken off”

“Very caring.  Very thorough”


Korean War Veterans

“Veterans Advocacy Services is a great organization.  We should all support it.”

“Peggy took all the time necessary and was always available; all her hard work and understanding has been incredible.  I appreciate her work on my behalf and that which she does for my fellow veteran”

“It was a wonderful experience . . .[Veterans Advocacy Services] is a wonderful agency.  They treated me with respect, always stayed in touch, and solved each of my problems.”


World War II Veterans

“I did not know I was entitled to benefits until I met Peggy and I got them quickly”

“I waited 40 years for Peggy to come along and then finally I got my benefits”


Veterans’ Organizations

“To my knowledge there is no one else in the country doing what Peggy does.  Having referred veterans to her myself, I can give Veterans Advocacy Services my organization’s full endorsement.  Indeed, I think that every veteran – and all concerned Americans – should support Veterans Advocacy Services”

Jeff Brodeur,  National Director, Korean War Veterans Association

“I have observed Peggy’s work for several years now, and have been so impressed with the work of Veterans Advocacy Services that I have donated time and resources toward helping them in their growth.  I am a veteran myself, and very concerned about the problems they face upon return to civilian life.  The model Peg has developed for helping vets is extraordinary and I look forward to the continued work and success of Veterans Advocacy Services.”

Stephan Marsh, Owner, Westchester Homes

Peggy Matthews is a tireless and passionate advocate for veterans, and  her work through Veterans Advocacy Services. . .supports not only. . . the brave men and women who have served our nation, but all of us who owe  our veterans a debt we can never repay.“

Meg Vaillancourt, Executive Director, Red Sox Foundation

“We work very closely with Peggy Matthews and Veterans Advocacy Services.  Peggy’s vast knowledge, deep commitment, and compassion are a gift to our Service Members, Veterans and their families.  The Home Base Program is honored to collaborate with Veterans Advocacy Services.”

John Parrish, MD, Director,

Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program

“Every returning service member from World War II to our nation’s current wars should be introduced to Veterans Advocacy Services.  [They] will walk you through any obstacle or task that a veteran might face in the civilian world. VAS has eased the minds of so many stressed Veterans with their issues, and done all of it absolutely free-of-charge

Italian American War Veterans of Massachusetts

“As one of the founders of an organization created by veterans for veterans I give unstinting endorsement to Peggy, her work, and her agency.  I know fellow veterans whose lives have been incredibly enhanced because of her help, and would be quick to recommend her to all veterans, of all ages.”

Peter O’Sullivan, President, Veterans at Ease, Inc.

“What is most impressive to me about Peggy Matthews is her thoroughness.  Her compensation claims are exceptionally prepared; she gets it right the first time.”

Michael Cunningham, Director of Veterans Services, Cities of Milton & Randolph, MA